Historical Lighting Restoration by Olek Lejbzon.

Monumental Sconce Restoration for 1st East Avenue, NY,NY.

Exterior sconce. Cast missing elements, refinished, rewired & installed

Exterior sconce was painted black, actually had iron, copper & brass lighting restoration construction, "hidden to prevent theft". Cast missing elements, refinished, rewired & installed.

Gilt Bronze Chandelier Rewired and Installed
Restored sconce black lacquer & (gilt) ormolu, rewired, reinstalled

Restored Empire Lightings, Chandeliers and Sconces, black lacquer & (gilt) ormolu, rewired, reinstalled.

Bronze Chandelier Restored 1 East Avenue NYC
Bronze and Steel grilles for custom Mahogany Doors 1 East Ave NYC

Produced shop drawings & fabricated new solid Honduran Mahogany raised panel doors, transom, & casing, custom profiles and moldings and restoration.

By Peter Triestman

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