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Restoration and Fabrication of Furniture, Historical Millwork, Doors, Windows and Decorative Finishes in many media: Wood, Steel, Brass, Plaster and Paint

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Olek Lejbzon Co.'s core business is restoration and fabrication, serving NYC since 1950, and now the rest of the U.S. The principal media we work with are wood and modern furniture, Woodwork Fabrication, windows and doors, decorative finishes and ornamental metals. Click on the page links or photos below, to see a portfolio of our work, and description of our services:



Furniture Restoration, Refinishing, Reupholstery, Repair, & Antique Conservation:


Modern Furniture Restoration; Repair, Reupholstery, Refinishing, & Eames Lounge Repair:

We work with all types of modern furniture and decorative accessories, and in addition to the traditional materials found in antique furniture, also restore or replicate: bent plywood, plastics, fiberglass, all metals and electroplated finishes, and natural latex foam rubber. We are experienced with hand sewn upholstery NYC, and the inventive furniture of the Modern period- and its weaknesses.



Antique Furniture Conservation; Repair, French Polishing, Decorative Finishes - Gilding, Japanning, Parcel Gilding, Oil Paint, Milk Paint:

Olek conserves antique furniture; chairs, tables, cabinets, sofas, decorative objects such as lacquer or leather screens, chandeliers and lighting, sewing and work tables, settees, secretaries and bookcases, breakfronts, and desks. Our expert European craftsmen meticulously repair joinery, veneer, and finishes, so you will not see what we have done- it will look as if your furniture was well maintained , with the patina it should have, throughout its long life.



Commercial Furniture & Woodwork Restoration, Refinishing, Repair, Reupholstery

Our projects range from single pieces of furniture, to million dollar projects. We individually treat each piece per project specifications. Goals may be determined through detailed consultations with clients: investment banks, law firms, hedge funds, commercial, museums, restaurants, schools and colleges, theaters, churches or synagogues, government agencies, and retail.



Woodwork Restoration & Preservation

Olek restores and preserves architectural woodwork for residences, colleges, museums, Landmark and National Register buildings throughout the metropolitan NY area and surrounding suburbs in NJ, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.


Fabrication: Custom architectural woodwork, windows, doors & furniture

Woodwork Fabrication, Windows, Doors and Moldings

Traditional or Modern woodwork for commercial, residential, restaurant or hospitality, government clients Projects include creation of Shop Drawing submittals, produced by in-house Architect/Designers, applying decades of experience designing millwork, to achieve the best results reliably and timely for the clients, General Contractors, Architects and Construction Managers for whom we work. LEEDS objectives are addressed at the start of a project, to insure meeting client goals for Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum ratings. Modern or traditional millwork fabrication often require sequence and book matching of veneers, and consistency of veneer flitch patterns. Our experience and contacts through the industry get the results needed timely for successful projects. We can install projects open shop, or union as needed.




We can fabricate custom furniture to our design, or fabricate from your concept or design, or match existing furniture of solid lumber, exotic veneers and marquetry. We can use any fabric, leather or hide, with any type of finish, from clear finishes to gilded or faux finishes, with custom metal hardware to match the sophistication of your creation. All work, including reupholstery, carving, and metalworking done in-house to provide accurate coordination and rapid project completion. Sukru-other changes in this paragraph too, just incorporate the whole thing, replacing what you have.



Sculpture & Carving Commissions, & Restoration

Olek accepts sculptural commissions, executing the designs of others, or creating original designs. We can execute carving work in the "hand" matching the carving style of any sculptor or carver including the most sophisticated and intricate of 17th or 18th century work.



Iron Door & Ornamental Metal Restoration & Fabrication

Olek creates or restores spectacular doors for Landmark and National Register buildings, and residences.



Metal Hardware Restoration

The finest restoration or replication of historic hinges, door knobs, levers or pulls, door cremone and flush bolts, finials, locksets, window sash locks and pulleys, plumbing hardware, and ornamental architectural metal castings.



Plaster Restoration & Finishing

JCSC Margaret Williams Theater Plaster Celling Restored & Decoratively Painted

JCSC Margaret Williams Theater Plaster Celling Restored & Decoratively Painted

JCSC Margaret Williams Theater Plaster Celling Restored & Decoratively Painted

JCSC Margaret Williams Theater Plaster Celling Restored & Decoratively Painted

                              JCSC Margaret Williams Theater Plaster Celling Restored & Decoratively Painted


Composition Ornament

Plaster Ceiling Moldings Restoration

Plaster Ceiling Moldings Restoration

Plaster Ceiling Moldings Restoration

     Composition Ornament                                           Plaster Ceiling Moldings Restoration

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