Art Conservation and Restoration, Automotive Fabrication and Restoration, Theatrical Props for Stage and Cinema

Art Conservation and Restoration

We specialize in the delicate art of restoring and conserving fine art , ensuring that the artistic legacies endure for generations to come. With our extensive expertise, deep understanding of artistic materials, and meticulous attention to detail, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of exceptional art restoration services for residential customers. We focus on:

  • Honoring Artistic Heritage,

  • Provide Expert Restoration Techniques,

  • Focus on Preservation and Conservation,

  • Collaborate and Preserve through Photo Documentation,

  • And, Are Trusted by Art Enthusiasts, Museums, and Renowned Auction Houses.

Art conservation action and restoration services
Art conservation action and restoration services
Automotive Fabrication and Restoration

We have established ourselves as practitioners of the art and craft of vehicle restoration, preservation, and care. We have grown to encompass a broad range of services with a staff of highly skilled, enthusiastic, and motivated craftsman.

Our in-depth design consultation helps us understand each customer’s specific goal. We exchange ideas to determine exactly what our client wants based on cost and level of service. Once we've established what are customers want we're prepared to service their classic restoration or work with our trusted partners to support:

  • Mechanical Restoration and Upgrades

  • Custom and Stock Interiors

  • Professional Body and Trim Restoration

  • Show Quality Paint Work

  • Quality Assurance and No Corners Cut

Automotive restoration and fabrication
Automotive restoration and fabrication
Theatrical Props for Stage and Cinema

We are the trusted source for the conservation and restoration of original movie props. Our approach emphasizes maintaining the integrity of the artifact, preserving the original “feel” of the piece and evidence of age or production use. To gently bring movie history back to life or prepare something new for use.

Our sculpting and creative skills enhance our years of experience in the field of restoration of original movie props & masks, specializing in foam latex pieces that have deteriorated with the passing of time, while are furniture, fabrication and capabilities in mixed medias allow us to support all production needs.

Precise Restoration and Installation Services
Precise Restoration and Installation Services