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    1. Peter,
      Just came across your GREAT site! You have a picture with the chair base I have been looking for!! I see it is a Selig. The base for my chair was Aluminum. ( Can I send a picture.)
      The Selig picture, with no cushions, has the exact base I have been looking for. I was not sure who made the chair…until now I think! The chair (and an ottoman) were purchased in NY city in the early 70`s. The treads of the base wore down and all metal parts discarded. I came across the name “Lyster” from Canada and called them years ago,but they said they did not make bases for the Eames chair. Can you help locate a replacement for the entire base ?
      Thank you in advance.

      1. Hi William,
        I apologize for the lateness of this reply. We updated our WordPress App. and the forwarding to my email was lost. Just fixed that. You have a good idea about sending photos, we will find a plug-in appl. to allow that. Until that is done, please send your photos to . We will be happy to help you find a base.
        Peter Triestman

  1. can you help identify this chair brand ? Legs on Othman marked with Lester -I do see mid mfg co inc and a patens number -legs have a wood grain top on black metal -I appeara to be vinyl rather than leather and I can see screws so that Means is one of the knock offs but I’m
    Not sure which one I can email you pixtues

  2. Hello,

    I was so happy to see your website. Thanks for all the great info.
    I recently got a chair that resembles an Eames lounge chair. It’s not the typical beautiful version, but a sort of ugly vinyl version. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it if I sent a few pics.
    The lady I bought it from said they bought it in Seattle many years ago, and it had a good name but the label had fallen off.
    Thanks for any help. Kind regards,

  3. Hi
    I think we have the Selig knockoff. It has Waterloo Ont on the mechanism. The chair tilts too far back. We are in Austin Texas. How much would it cost to ship the base mechanism and for you to repair it? How do we remove the spider base?

    1. I apologize for this late reply, our website developer updated our blog Application, and neglected to forward email, since corrected.

      Removing the base is usually a matter of flipping the chair upside down, taking a big screw driver and unscrewing four screws holding the bottom of the seat. It should cost about $40-50 to ship to Newark, NJ, each way. We can repair it promptly.
      Peter Triestman

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