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Antique Restorers


Olek Lejbzon & Co., established in 1950, has a staff of more than forty European craftsmen (cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and artists) dedicated to quality furniture refinishing, furniture repairing, and furniture reupholstering. Our extraordinarily attentive staff takes pride in completing large, difficult assignments with great efficiency and can work around the clock, on-site or in our workshop, to meet deadlines.


After emigrating from Europe after World War II, Olek Lejbzon settled in the U.S. where he founded his own firm, in 1950. From that day until the present the firm has proudly carried on a family tradition of the finest European craftsmanship passed down by two generations of Polish cabinetmakers. Today, a former partner of Mr. Lejbzon and now full owner of Olek Lejbzon & Co., Peter Triestman manages the company's 40+ European craftsmen.

Over the past four decades, Olek Lejbzon and Co.'s refusal to cut corners and commitment to superior craftsmanship has earned it a loyal following from antique collectors and dealers to Fortune 1000 companies, foreign embassies, religious institutions, universities and schools, restaurants, museums, and private residences.


The Company's areas of expertise include the maintenance, repair, and conservation of antiques as well as architectural fabrication and preservation; the conservation of antique objets d'art; decorative painting and gilding; upholstery using the materials and styles originally employed; stone, marble and metal repair and restoration. Specialties include marquetry (wood, ivory, brass and tortoise shell), carving, gilding, hand turning, caning, antique paint conservation, faux graining, and fine French polishing. Fabrication work includes custom wood or metal doors and windows, wood millwork paneling, cabinetry, and molding.


European Old World Craftsmen, Conservators, Cabinetmakers, Artists, Upholsterers


In 1988, Mr.Peter Triestman (top/middle), a graduate of Yale, decided to follow in his father's footsteps and professionally pursue his passionate interest in antique conservation.


Mr. Triestman's personal commitment to the finest methods of antique conservation is evidenced by his membership in the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. He also frequently makes presentations on fine furniture restoration and architectural woodwork preservation to architectural firms and commercial furniture dealerships.


Master Craftsman Touches Up Furniture





In addition to dramatically increasing the scope of the company's capabilities, Mr. Triestman has attracted some of Europe's leading craftsmen to Olek Lejbzon & Co. The company's 40+ artisans are primarily master cabinetmakers. About ten artists, upholsterers, gilders, carvers and metal smiths also are on staff.


Olek Lejbzon & Co. is geared to accommodate the special needs of clients ranging from museums to Fortune 1000 companies to antique connoisseurs. In sharp contrast with many other restoration shops that provide "quick fix" solutions that only temporarily mask underlying structural defects, Olek Lejbzon & Co. provides long-term solutions based on superior craftsmanship. For instance, when a piece of antique furniture's veneer facade begins to pop off because its carcase has contracted over the years, many shops merely mask the problem by regluing the veneer to the piece's frame. Such a repair only lasts a short time because the seasonal changes in humidity quickly cause the problem to reoccur. Olek Lejbzon & Co.'s craftsmen, on the other hand, painstakingly inlay strips of wood in the cracks caused by the wood's contraction in order to restore a piece to its original dimensions before regluing the veneer. Such a repair will last for many years


Olek Lejbzon & Co. can handle any restoration or conservation from start to finish. Unlike other shops where a restored item that needs reupholstering must be sent elsewhere, Olek Lejbzon & Co. handles furniture reupholstery along with a full spectrum of other services. In the early 1990's, the company broadened its focus to the preservation of historic buildings, including the fabrication and installation of architectural millwork, ornamental metalwork, decorative painting, and ornamental plasterwork. Olek Lejbzon & Co. is presently poised for a major expansion with an impending move to its 70.000 square foot building in Newark, N.J.


Olek Lejbzon & Co.

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