1158 Fifth Ave. - Replacement of Landmark Building Iron Doors and Grills

Completion: 4/2000

Fabricate, finish and install iron and bronze doors and decorative trim to match existing door on different elevation. Install into granite jambs, set Rixson closer into marble floor, remove existing frame and anchor new oak frame into brick set on the diagonal. Cut intercom into granite jambs.

Building listed in National Reg. Of Hist. Places

Scope of Work:

Landmark Building Door Preservation Before
Landmark Custom Wrhought Iron Door Restoration After



Wrought Iron Door Fabrication
Wrought Iron Door Installation

Shop fabrication

Frame preparation

Landmark Wrought Iron Door and Grille Installation
Landmark Wrought Iron Door Preservation After


New white oak rough framing installed to brick masonry, to accommodate 600lb. weight of door with 1/2" thick glass.

By Peter Triestman

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