Our specialty is building restoration and antique furniture conservation, but like any carpentry studio, we are only defined by the projects we receive; Our Restoration and fabrication services are scalable projects with architects and contractors alike, including private individual customers. Our goal is keeping the life of handmade arts, heirlooms furniture & decorative arts alive and well for private collectors and landmarks alike with the centuries of attention to detail.

Our principal mediums are wood and elaborate metalwork, but they run the gamut of all decorative and architectural & design methods. Starting from raw lumber millwork to building artisanal furniture or site-specific woodwork and custom hardware fabrication; windows, doors, cabinetry, molding, flooring, custom architectural fabrication, hand-carved decorative finishes, ornamental metals, modern materials, and lost arts of antique preservation we cover it all.
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Olek custom fabricates, finishes and installs custom architectural millwork for classical or modern buildings; interiors and exteriors of projects scaling in size and cost. We produce paneling and wainscot, moldings, cabinetry and reception desks, interior partitions, and doors from raw stock lumber. Our woodwork is produced and finished in our 25,000 square foot Orange, NJ shop just 15 miles from downtown Manhattan for rapid turnaround on fast-moving construction build-outs.


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Wood Working Restoration_1920

Restoration & Refinishing

Knowing what level of restoration a project need comes down to a lot of factors and scale. These can be as small as decorative elements, molding, doors or gates, a window or a set, partial interior to a full landmark building restore or new construction from plans. We can give estimates on all scales with white-glove service on-site, touch-ups, or complete refectory processes, depending on your project small or large. We work with individuals, architects, and contractors alike.

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Furniture Repair

Olek creates, conserves, and repairs all types modern, antique & heirloom furniture, gallery, and museum collections alike. Our expert European craftsmen meticulously repair joinery, veneer, and finishes, so you won’t be able to see what’s been done – it will appear as if your furniture was new off the studio floor, with new care directions and new everlasting life. We do daily repairs to chairs, cabinets, sofas, tables, partitions or dividers, decorative accessories, chandeliers, lamps & light fixtures, sewing & work tables, settees, secretaries, bookcases, breakfronts, kitchenware, butcher blocks, desks and or just about anything else.

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Wound Chair Restoration Solo
Red Love Seat_Upholstry

Upholstery & Reupholstery

Our meticulous craftsmen furniture upholstery and reupholstery as  originally designed, to keep the comfort they were designed to have. We can furnish vintage fabrics for truly one-of-a-kind unique  pieces, that are not available anywhere else.  We have available unused Danish and German inventories  of fabrics , from the Panton era, Eames era, Pop Art and other fabrics that  are in perfect condition.  These vintage fabrics are available in limited quantities to reupholster your furniture to give you pieces no one else will be able to own.

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Ornate Metalwork

We have a full metal-smithing and machine shop handling work with Steel & Wrought Iron gates, doors, windows, hinges, custom hardware, structural elements, blacksmithing & white-smithing services for delicate decorative finishes in bronze, brass, copper, tin, silver, gold; based on the original material or custom fabrication. The finest restoration or replication of historic hardware, and ornamental architectural metal castings.

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GrandCentral Market Railing

Historic Preservation

Olek is well known for the restoration and preservation of architectural wood & metalwork for historical residences, colleges, museums, Landmark and National Register buildings throughout New England. Including the greater metropolitan NYC area and surrounding cities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Our expertise in restoring, revitalizing, and finishing historic buildings and sites to historically accurate renovation is unmatched. We give new life to historic projects through the sensitive and creative integration of contemporary and classic craft and trade skills.

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