Olek produces restaurant and kitchen cabinets woodwork and millwork and gives the same attention to restaurants and other dining facilities as we give to fine homes, private clubs and corporate boardrooms. Time is money, restaurants must be built quickly and open for business. Working efficiently, yet with artisanal care, we can attend to everything your establishment requires. Call us at 212-243-3363 and let’s discuss your particular needs, whether it is for new woodwork, matching cabinets or repair, expansion, restoration, or enhancement of your existing theme.

Osteria del Cirque- NYC

After developing a plan to your liking, we fabricate, finish, and install as speedily as anyone. Because we are able to furnish and fabricate a wide variety of finishes, millwork, metalwork and upholstered banquettes under one roof, you will benefit from our rapid turnaround, with minimal disruption, meeting your construction schedule. Our being a single-source provider assures you of top quality, timely work at a sensible price.

Jule’s Bistro, 65 St. Mark’s Place, NYC – an “institution” according to Zagat’s

We fabricate restaurant and kitchen cabinets interior woodwork, ornamental metalwork and custom lighting, specialty glass, and custom doors and windows in wood, steel, brass, wrought iron, and other materials. Exotic finishes are available, including rare wood veneers, solid wood, distressed antique lumber, faux finishes, trompe l’oiel, and gilding. Custom service stations, bars and backbars, wine racks and locking ornamental grilles for liquor, are built at competitive prices.

We can advise you on what is right for your business and time frame of operation. Materials and fabrication for a 10 year horizon is likely to be different than if you own the building, and expect 25 years or more. Building new to look distressed is a concept that has shown great success, and is worth considering. Then your restaurant will never be dated.

All Jules Bistro’s millwork, cabinetry, doors, and windows were built from salvaged wood to give an aged and distressed 19th century appearance from the day of opening in 1993. Olek executed the design from the owner’s mental concept at the start of demolition to opening in 6 weeks. It has antique wideboard floors up to 24″ wide, an antique bar and backbar from antique lumber, and banquettes and mirrors made from green wood, designed to shrink and warp, to simulate age. Highly successful from the day of opening, it was the first of a long string of successful restaurants for the owner, who invested all his savings in this first restaurant, shown above almost 20 years after opening.

Recognizing your restaurant’s need for individuality, we can create curved paneling and moldings, in traditional or modern styles, to match your theme and vision. We source veneers to match your design. Our service includes book-matching and sequence-matching of veneers from single flitches (for continuity of paneling), and custom veneer lay-up. As for finishes, we will stain and dying clear woodwork, or may apply glossy solid color polyurethanes or polyesters.

We also understand the that harsh treatment and cleaning in restaurant situations demands the best quality finishes and assembly techniques — to make sure your millwork or furniture stand up to the activity of a successful restaurant.

Our shop accommodates a wide range of your requirements, with mixed media that include wood, diverse metals, fiberglass, glass, custom lighting and furniture. By fabricating millwork and furniture, we can easily match finishes with minimal coordination issues.

We also fabricate custom upholstered banquettes and other seating, and furniture to your designs. Shop drawings are submitted for approval prior to fabrication.

Other surfaces and finishes fabricated in our shop include ornamental metals such as zinc or copper bar tops, stainless steel or bronze doors, cast iron or wrought iron forged ornaments or hardware, and even lighting fixtures. We produce all millwork in our 25,000 sq. ft. shop in Newark, NJ. It also includes a full metal shop, capable of milling, lathe, welding of any type of metal, plus blacksmith forged wrought iron and casting. We’re old hands at matching historic millwork or metalwork, and cut our own custom shaper knives to match existing moldings and new designs precisely. Producing in-house saves time, which in turn saves you money on exquisite work.

New Mahogany Floor custom milled, installed and finished

Our tasks on this project: Fabricate, finish, & install zebrawood and ebonized maple modern straight and curved wall paneling, wainscot, cabinetry and service station, bar and back bar, and photo display panels. Fabricate, finish, & install stainless steel doors. Restore existing mahogany wainscot and bar, replicating elements for reconfiguration of existing.

Landmarked building exterior (part of Rockefeller Center)



Alfredo of Rome Restaurant

4 W. 49th St., NY, NY

Duration: 5 weeks fabrication and installation

Alfredo’s Kitchen – Fabrication and Installation

Modern Stair wainscot panel with Railing

Zebrawood Wainscot with Ebonized Oak Cap and Chrome Railing

Custom Banquette in Alfredo of Rome Dining Room

Custom Seating for NYC restaurant

Zebra Wood Veneered Niche Shelving in Restaurant

Completed Restaurant interior with Custom Seating and Wall Finishes, NYC

Completed Restaurant interior with Custom Seating and Wall Finishes, NYC

Completed Restaurant interior with Custom Seating and Wall Finishes, NYC

Detail of Stainless Wine Shelving doors with screens

Restored existing Bar paneling

Wainscot Raised Molded Paneling

Curved Padded and Veneered paneled Wall

Installation and Finishing of the Kitchen Interior-

Inset Veneered and Padded Paneling Installation grounds

Inset Veneered and Padded Wall Paneling Installation after

Server Station being installed

zebrawood veneered partition installed

Wall panel blocking installation

Zebrawood Bar being installed

Exotic veneered bar fabricated during installation

Zebrawood bar for NYC kitchen

Zebrawood paneling installation

Bar being installed

Bar installation

Completed bar of Zebrawood and Ebonized Oak Top

Installation of ebonized oak wine rack with stainless steel doors

Wine Storage shop fabricated, with mesh screens and locks

Zebrawood and ebonized oak bar.

Installed curved zebrawood and painted wood wall, with solid painted wood panels above and below zebrawood.

Restored mahogany paneling

Kitchen Interior fabricated and installed in Rockefeller Center

Restaurant Gallery

Bolivar Cafe/Cibi Cibi

Alfredo′s Restaurant

Our work included wood, steel, and glass banquettes, a bar with zinc top, and exterior doors

Jules Bistro Restoration

Light Horse Tavern

We sourced antique doors, bar, flooring, and distressed new glass for mirrors for this successful restaurant

12′ high doors with 4′ high transom, all solid mahogany construction, and custom hardware