Hand Carved

Our craftsmen are skilled, trained sculptors that will flawlessly execute the most intricate of sculptures, works of art, furniture or architectural woodwork. We can recreate high Baroque, Italian Renaissance, Rococo, or Modern styles, or anything in between. For one off works, and intricate requirements, we can fabricate what a CNC carver cannot do, with intricate details not machine reproducible. A CNC is usually uneconomical for small quantity production. For larger scale projects, we can carve using hybrid techniques of CNC and hand carving, to suit your budget. We have carved 50′ long Church screens of 6″ thick solid white oak with various Gothic motifs, including quatrefoils, arches, crockets, and rosettes- we handle small and large projects effectively.



This furniture is carved after laying up kiln dried boards of wood, all parallel to one another, for balanced behavior under changes in humidity. A solid log would crack and check as it dries, and not be stable.

Roughing in the shape by hand. Some sculptors do this with chain saws or CNC’s but our work is generally hand carved. A mallet of solid oak or ipe won’t last more than a day or two when carving is large scale like this

The upper seat formed, base remaining to be shaped

Base carved, ready for sanding

With a shellac finish, the beauty of this solid walnut bench shines through

Our artisans understand the language of classical architecture, so you can easily express the design concept desired. We create European heraldic and family crests, Gothic or medieval or Greek capitals, fluted or reeded columns of any Order, or furniture of any period with applied or bas relief carved. Olek works in any wood, from the hardest ebony, white oak, cherry, mahogany and walnut, and of course the traditional lime wood.

We apply any decorative finish desired, from 24 kt. gold by oil or water gilding and burnishing, or wax, varnish, or polychrome paint. You can come to us with your rough design concept, we can complete the details in the manner you have in mind.


Sketching and calculating proportions is done prior to carving. The sole model for this was a 3″ x 5″ photo print. The artists’ highly educated imagination completes the details.

Careful planning and design allows efficient, flawless execution of this oversize realistic sculpture.

The details even include the punched edge profile of the gripping wheel, and sharp profile of the cutting edge

You know this would work with a large enough can

5′ Serving platter

Solid walnut carved pipe wrench with knurled ring and helical adjustment- identical in every respect to a functioning wrench

Hand Carving Replication Gallery

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