Commissioned Sculpture

Sculpture by Campbells’ Loft

Olek custom carves new works of art of various themes- figural, heraldic, modern abstract or themed, religious. We can assist with your projects on any scale, from miniatures through monumental works. Our services include:


Scaling your model or maquette to full or oversize scale

Carving in any species of Wood- the usual lime, Oak, Linden, Cherry, Walnut, Pine, or exotics. Knowledge of rot resistance for outdoor work wood selection.

Multimedia Sculptures mixing sheet or solid metals, wood, fabric, foam, papier mache, ceramics or tile, glass, and other materials.

Carving models for casting in any metal, composition, or plaster, scaled as needed for shrinkage to desired size, to match existing sculptures or objects.

Engineering of monumental carved works, including metal armature structures that can be built up by welding, machining, and made to be transportable.

Can Opene

Julian Avery Leonard, for Harvard University

We have the rare abilty to match any carver’s “hand” or style of carving. Matching existing styles of carving from various periods, such as Greek or Roman, Etruscan, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Regency, or Modern is something we are familiar with, and do routinely. We match period styles of any given region, and also the “hand” of particular carvers. Lips, hands, hair, eyes, all matched to original sculpture for traditional works. Heraldic figures are stylized traditionally, to be indistinguishable from historic heraldic figures or crests.

Modern abstract works require accurate scaling through mathematical precision. Our in-house capabilities help to create sculptures timely and at reasonable cost. Our related capabilities include welding and metals fabrication, finishing, machining, casting in sand and lost wax, even our upholstery shop that can cover virtually any shape object in any material or leather. We are generally quite prompt, and handle your sculptural projects expeditiously. Client contact during the creative process is encouraged. We welcome client input and design modifications if desired during the sculptural process. Public projects often require detailed, sometimes exhaustive submittals, which we dutifully follow.

Our sculptures are entirely hand-carved, so not limited by CAD/CAM constraints. We carve Bas Reliefs, Pierced, Deep Reliefs, and full figural three dimensional sculptures.

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