Reupholstering of contract upholstered furniture requires more than fine reupholstery skills, that is just the start of a successful commercial relationship with your company. A commercial reupholsterer must be organized, punctual, and reliable. A facility manager must have excellent service on every job, whether for one chair or 1,000 chairs. The commercial upholstery NYC vendor must have liability insurance, an upholstery facility with adequate space for handling large volumes of furniture while being worked on and for storage afterward. And the flexibility and breadth of services to handle the full range of services needed, including refinishing, metal repairs, and trucking with its own trucks. Olek meets all of these needs, with a 25,000 square foot workroom, and its fine European craftsmen skilled not only in large scale reuphosltery, leather furniture repair but antique furniture and for the top modern designer furniture.

We have worked for the top financial firms and major investment banks in NY, commercial banks, biggest law firms, Fortune 100 headquarters, and government offices since our founding in NYC in 1950. Call us for consultation with any of your needs, we will promptly meet and discuss your needs, and provide competitive pricing and reliable service that has earned us the “Best of New York” rating from New York magazine for years. Furniture repair New Jersey Call and discover the difference.

Executives are important, we must take good care of them. Executive Swivel chairs wear out over the years, these 60’s and 70’s vintage leather swivel chairs were very fine pieces in their time, and deserve the best care. Spindle bushings wear out and the chairs become wobbly. Using a lathe to turn a new brass bushing to replace the original nylon plastic, results in a repair good for lifetimes of heavy use. The reupholstery of these leather swivel chairs was demanding, with both saddle sewn stitching around tight corners and hand-sewn seams. Such chairs require the utmost care by our upholstery staff, to assure your top executives and facility managers, that any work we encounter will be handled reliably, and precisely. Our six decades of experience in business serving demanding commercial office and residential clients, prepares us superbly to provide comprehensive service to the most demanding of facility managers, and top executives.

Executive Swivel Chair Repair

With Olek’s variety of dedicated craftsmen, we have the depth of talent and skill to solve any office furniture issues. Our machine shop supports needed repairs related to reupholstery routinely, with lathes, milling machines, welding of any metal including aluminum, so that the furniture can be better than new on its return. And without the facility manager having to worry about it being done right the first time.


These chairs required being done in stages for this operating restaurant, picking up and delivering a dozen chairs each week, not to disrupt business. Padding replacements, and frame rebuilding required for many of the chairs.

Pickups & Delivery by our truck throughout metropolitan NY, NJ, PA, and CT-

Pickups of entire assembled Eames Lounge Chair may be inexpensively arranged throughout the Midwest and Eastern US, from Texas to Chicago, Florida to Boston

We arrange pickup and delivery promptly throughout metropolitan NY, including NY and NYC, NJ, PA, and at CT at modest cost. We can arrange for pickup and delivery of furniture throughout the United States east of the Mississippi, as well as all of Louisiana and eastern Texas with a recommended common carrier, TSC Moving (Hallandale, FL), They are very reliable, and surprisingly economical for long-distance moves. Fine furniture deserves the best care, and is worth the trip.

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