Leaded Glass

Restoration of Leaded, Beveled, Stained, Colored and Textured Glass. Repair existing lead cames, or replace with new if needed. Reinforcements of leaded glass panels, and re-glazing with linseed oil putty. Repairs of original cracked stained glass, and replication of original stained glass by artist. Matching of glass types, textures and colors, including antique wavy glass with large inventory of antique period glass in all thicknesses and types, including Flint Glass. Beveling of glass, both straight and curved. Sandblasting of glass patterns to match originals. Sandblasting to create glass sculptures. Custom fabrication of three dimensional glass in small pieces for cabinets, such as Kittinger Hutches or Breakfronts, or Georgian period breakfronts. We slump the glass to match the original dimensionality or depth and pattern template or size.