Custom Wood Doors

Olek fabricates custom wood doors, for landmark buildings and fine homes. We can replicate any design, from Gothic style to Modern, with mortise and tenon joinery and solid highly rot-resistant lumber. Our Entries are designed and built to last for centuries, in busy, high traffic locations, such as college entries, large apartment buildings, and yes, in your home.

Produce shop drawings & fabricate in new solid Honduran Mahogany with raised panels, transom, & casing, custom profiles and moldings.

Built of solid White Oak, Honduran Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry, or other naturally rot-resistant woods of your choice. These wood types endure in any weather. We manufacture to match your design, with any profile of moldings or muntins or door stile and rail layout. Olek does superlative carving work, and will even match the “hand” of any carver, current or historic. Our carving work is all done by hand.

Door standards endorsed by the Architectural Woodworking Institute, or AWI lead to an abysmally short life, even for normal size entries. Their highest standard permits 1/8″ veneer over “engineered core” with coped and doweled joinery. “Engineered cores” are similar to MDF, or particle board, and react more than solid wood does to moisture, and has a far shorter life than any rot resistant wood. Glue or resin holding the waste produt wood fibers are subject to stress from moisture related changes in humidity, expanding and contracting as the weather changes. The stress results in breakdown of the core structure over a short time frame, compared to solid wood. “Engineered cores” are usually made of saw dust or wood particle waste glued together, that are not rot resistant. The glue has preservatives that convey a minimal degree of rot resistance, and off-gases fumes from the resin holding it together as well. As bad as the self-destructing engineered core, is the way new doors are fabricated. New doors can be doweled together, as chairs are made today. Little pegs of wood, about 1/2″ or less in diameter, glue the stiles to the rails. It is a recipe for a short, trouble prone life. Door problems start when the engineered core is failing, and the stiles and rails separate at the dowel joints, causing obvious hardware problems. The AWI standards are a certain recipe for a short, troublesome life.

Seven years after installation- Entry door at City College’s flagship building, Shepard Hall.


The older tradition, and “standard” of mortise and tenon joinery is in fact over 3,000 years old. It has been known since before the ancient Egyptians, that a door should be fabricated with mortise and tenon joints. Each rail, or horizontal component, is longer than the width you see. Solid tongues of wood project into the vertical stiles of the door, and are anchored not only by glueing, but by internal wedges expanding the tenons inside the mortises, or pegs of wood inserted through the stiles and tenons. An historically joined door holds tightly long after the glue has failed. A mortise and tenon door lasts for centuries when made of rot resistant wood. Most people don’t realize that doors in America have been thickly veneered over a lumber core since about 1850. That Yankee ingenuity was the beginning of the end for door longevity. Few think that the woodworking industry was and still is a leader in innovation. But doors with that Victorian period construction, over a rot-resistant pine core, using mortise and tenon joinery, can last for a century or longer with restoration. We don’t make that compromise, and construct doors to last, as they were made by historic woodworkers. Current AWI standards are in direct opposition to the green movement of today. Building components should be durable, free of off-gasing resins and not destined for the trash heap in a decade or two.

Arched, half-round, elliptical entries available in any size and of any thickness. We have built wood entries with single leaves up to 5′ wide x 12′ high x 6″ thick, weighing up to 3,000 lbs. with massive forged iron hardware (for a ca, 1830 fort guarding NY Harbor). The hardware can all be custom, with our designs or yours. We can incorporate Rixson type floor or transom -embedded closers. We also furnish and install electric strikes, engineered to be compatible with antique or modern locksets.

Not to leave you with half a solution, we also restore old hardware and garage or closing mechanisms to work with your new doors, if needed.

Solid mahogany overhead garage door , top section for private residence.

One Mahogany Overhead Garage Door of three, to work with modern overhead closer, but look like old carriage house door.

Fabrication of Gothic style arched muntin and leaded glass solid white oak doors 3″ thick:

Diamond-inside-square muntin white oak

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