Chandelier Cleaning

We specialize in Cleaning of Art & Sculpture and Chandelier Repair . Whether it is easily accessible or found in hard to get places, of difficult objects and materials, we rise to the challenge and perform dependably.

Specialty cleaning was done by Olek of the Sirshasana Sculpture, by Donald Lipski. The sculpture, a 25 feet diameter x 30 feet high chandelier in the form of an upside down tree, has over 5,000 pendant crystals , a gold-leafed gilt root and painted branches gets dirty quickly in NYC,s Grand Central Station, in the Lexington Marketplace. Every single crystal required hand wiping and solvent cleaning. The gold leaf was conserved by our artisans, and underlying plaster repaired prior to re-gilding spots.

Jones, Lang, LaSalle and Metro North carefully evaluated our capabilities and techniques, before determining they could trust Olek to:

• Perform the work without damage to the sculpture

• Protect the unfinished woodwork of the retail premises surrounding and directly beneath the sculpture

• Start and Complete the work in an extremely tight time frame

• Develop complete specifications, methodologies, and treatment plan for the work

Work started at 9pm at night, and was completed before the market opened at 9am in the morning. Special scaffolding, cleaning equipment, and dedication was necessary to reach all the crystals by our team of craftsmen and artisans. The sculpture was cleaned by Olek repeatedly over a 12 year period. It looks no different today than when it was installed in 1998- despite an incredibly dusty environment, with baking going on underneath, and oily contamination to the sculpture.


Olek cleans decorative finishes and murals, including trompe l,oiel , faux bois and faux marble, as well any any type of gilt or clear finishes, French polished furniture, oil finished woodwork, or other finishes found on wood, canvas, or stone. You can rely on our craftsmen to reliably clean any type of surface or finish, and obtain the best results, the first time, every time.

Of course, you can also trust your upholstery, specialty rugs including Oriental and shag rugs, and furniture of traditional or modern types to our fine crafts people. Cleaning done in your premises or ours.