Art Restoration

Olek’s Art Restoration, Sculpture Repair and Fine Conservation services are performed on a wide variety of mediums for Artists and Galleries in NYC and around the country. Our varied craftsmen’ skills, education and experience qualify us to conserve and repair a wide range of damages quickly, efficiently, and perfectly as required for precious fine and decorative works of art, whether ancient, centuries old, or modern. In our 65 year history Olek has acquired a unique panoply of skills applicable to conservation, all under one roof. Various galleries employ us regularly for the bulk of their needs, knowing that when art is damaged in transit and is required immediately for display in an Exhibition, that we will reliably complete the repairs in the promised time period, so the show may go on. We execute our repairs to be as perfect as desired, with this standard applicable: If you can see what we repaired, it is not acceptable.

Our atelier facilities are well equipped to handle an exceptionally wide range of conservation services for damaged works of art and sculpture. In our 25,000 sq. ft. atelier we have been restoring sculptures in all metal types, wood, plaster, wrought iron, fiberglass, plastics, bone, horn, and soft materials such as paintings on canvas, leather, fabric, and rugs. The space contains shops for machining, blacksmithing wrought iron, casting, investment or sand casting bronze or aluminum, to small and larger scale milling and restoration of steel, bronze, brass or aluminum, and inert gas welding using TIG or MIG for any type of metal. Our wood shop can restore any wooden sculpture, matching originals precisely, not only in shape, but in the “hand” of the sculptor. We have faithfully replicated complicated cast plastic parts by sculpting, authentic down to the “flash” line that the originals had from the injection molds originally used.

Oil Paint Conservation

Friedman, Benda – Marc Newsome

Sean Kelly Gallery – Leandro Erlich

Wexler Gallery – Timothy Schreiber

Cadogan, Tate, Ltd. – Movers & Storage

Joel Dickenson – Sculpture Work

Stella Jones Gallery – Mahogany Sculpture Repair

Zoe Coombes Sculpture Repaired by Olek with Dutchman inlays of Antique Pine

The wood shrank and split as tree trunks do, and the artists needed it repaired.

The wood shrank and split as tree trunks do, and the artists needed it repaired.

Inlays of antique pine, crossgrained to match sculpture (prior to touchup)

Dutchman Inlays after touchup

Mathew Day Jackson Chair Repaired By Olek