Olek builds custom library woodwork, of veneered or solid stock. We can produce any type of design and construction. Our work has included the fabricating of solid white oak Gothic linen-fold hand-carved paneling and molded dentil wainscot to match existing, or completely new to reproduce historic designs precisely. Exotic veneers and patterned veneered stock can be used in modern designs. Careful planning, shop drawings, procurement, skillful production and finishing will make your library a place to peacefully work, read, and enjoy your library.


Franklin Delanor Roosevelt's Study in NYC residence was re-built in the same pattern as originally made, to accommodate dropping of the ceiling when its current owner, Hunter College - CUNY hired us to renovate the woodwork there, restoring most of it, and replacing almost all of the millwork in the study:


Sara Delanor Roosevelt, FDR's mother gave birth to FDR in this townhouse, where she lived.


The woodwork was made of yellow birch, not walnut. Yellow birch was sometimes used to imitate antique walnut, bleached out by decades of light. The original finish, copal varnish, was imported in the naturally occurring resin growing on Copaifera guibourthiana trees in the Congo. Our shop ground and prepared the varnish into a finish similar to the original, according to the Preservation Consultant, Jablonski Assoc. and the Architect, Polshek and Partners, now renamed Ennead Partners.


The above windows and some of the pilasters remained and were restored. The rest of the woodwork was fabricated to seamlessly join and be finished, including color, gloss, and patina, to the original.


Matching the finish of old to the original is difficult after stripping, as the old finish must be brushed out of the pores ot the wood, to allow the pores to be stained dark like antique walnut.


This wall had the woodwork entirely replaced, the new doors partially installed.


Woodwork Library Gallery

FDR's and Sara Delanor Roosevelt's NYC Home                                                         



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