Modern Office Restoration

Modern Office

Fabrication of modern architectural woodwork to architectural drawings and  specifications, is done timely, with in-house finishing and installation to suit your needs.  We can accommodate Union installation requirements. Shop drawings are provided for approval prior to production.  We also replicate existing woodwork, matching exotic  veneers, scouring inventory around the Country for close matches to existing exotic flitches. Our finishers specialize in matching not only colors, but the application of combinations of dyes and pigmented stains, to reproduce the patina as well.  Whether your woodwork is 10 years old or 100 years old, sun and lighting will bleach the original woodwork, and make it more difficult to match, even for thearchitectural woodwork fabricator that created it in the first place.  Olek finds the match, from the veneer, through the finish and patina.............. Continue


Church College Replication

Church/College Replicated

Olek. fabricates all styles of architectural woodwork, doors and windows, spanning the periods Medieval, Gothic, Georgian, Federal, Victorian, Edwardian, and Modern. Ornate arched carved mullions and Gothic tracery are a routine part of our fabrication skills.  Quatrefoils, trefoils, rosettes, and crockets are a part of our working vocabulary, and you will get the same quality that was made 100 years ago, or 800 years ago, as you need.  Whether you want to match Corinthian, Doric, or Ionic column capitals, our carvers will match not only the pattern, but the hand of the carver that created the originals from any point in the past. As no  CNC machines can.  We also can match joinery from any point in time, for doors that will last 100 years, or 500 years with true mortise and tenon joinery and solid lumber construction, even under stressful use...................Continue


Library Fabrication and Restoration


Designing  and fabricating  library woodwork for residential homes, we will achieve the magnificent appearance, even the patina that you are seeking for your library. Your Olek library can look new, or
convincingly appear to be hundreds of years old and well maintained.  Our in-house architectural designers are educated to create any design in the correct proportions, and construction techniques for you to achieve the elegance sought. We can create, or recreate old moldings to match any existing.  We combine composition moldings with wood, as needed to achieve the look you are seeking.  Or we can authentically hand-carve moldings to design or match any existing. Whether your cornice has one molding profile or twelve separate profiles, with carved elements, we create the masterpiece library you hope to achieve...................... Continue


Traditional Office Restoration

Traditional Office

We fabricate custom woodwork for traditional, older style offices.  We specialize in solid wood raised molded panel construction, with carved or custom molded elements.  Our shop cuts its own knives to create custom molding profiles with a minimum of delay, and no question about perfect matches with existing moldings or whatever is drawn by your architect. We can create Board Rooms or elegant entries and Reception Rooms, elevator paneling, to match your drawings or existing construction. Our designers are available to create original designs...................... Continue

Restaurant Kitchen Restoration


Olek applies its ingenuity sourcing materials and creating restaurant interiors to assist restaurateurs create an attractive space for their clientele.  We can fabricate restaurant interiors to look new, or to look old when first made. 300 year old wide board lumber up to 24" wide was discovered by Olek  in Massachusetts to create the flooring and woodwork in Jules Bistro,  termed an "institution" by Zagats.  We work not only with wood, but fiberglass, ornamental metals like zinc, copper, and stainless steel, and specialty glass to fabricate your restaurant interiors with a minimum of coordination among vendors, and to help you open as quickly as possible. Unusual modern designs can present a challenge we enjoy rising to, so your construction is within budget and completed on time...................... Continue


Residential Exterior, Framing, Roof Restoration

Residental Exterior, Framing, Roof

We fabricate custom woodwork, millwork,  and wood trim for high end residences.  Our woodwork  fabrication includes custom siding, unusual framing, radius trim, and wood shingle roofs.. The residence in the photo is new..................... Continue

Residential Interior Restoration

Residental Interior

Fabrication and installation of traditional and modern architectural woodwork for interiors, including paneling, stairs, moldings.  We custom cut all our shaper profiles to match any profile specified or drawn.  Our in house architectural millwork team includes archietectural designers, to provide elevations, plans, and scaled drawings with all details for approval prior to production.  We make sure your project is a success, without surprises..................... Continue

Wood Windows Restoration

Wood Windows

Olek designs and fabricates new wood windows per your drawings, or to match existing.  Any design is within our realm of expertise, including arched flat windows, windows radius in plan, windows with true divided lites in any pattern, including fanlight and hand carved Gothic tracery. We utilize counterweight balances for a long life and can incorporate the latest in insulated  glazing technology for efficient energy conservation, and long window life.  We fabricate windows using historically appropriate wood and mortise-and-tenon joinery, to last 100 years or more. We don'tfabricate windows to comply with  "industry standards" that degrade a windows' life to as little as ten or fifteen years. We answer to a higher ethic, our conscience............. Continue


Wood Doors Restoration

Wood Doors

We  design and fabricate new wood doors to match existing, or to your drawings.  Any design, wood species and cut, height, width or thickness may be made, commonly to 5' width and 12' height, even 6" thick.   Styles include Medieval, flamboyant hand-carved tracery Gothic,  Georgian raised molded panel, or other custom design.  We prefer to make doors in solid lumber, always with mortise-and-tenon joinery, for longevity measured in centuries, not decades. We shun "industry standards" that degrade a doors' life to as little as ten or fifteen years.  Only naturally highly rot-resistant woods are used in exterior doors. Doors may befinished to look new, or old to match adjacent woodwork. Ornamental forged  ironwork or  hardware can also be custom made...................... Continue


Moldings and Trim

Molding & Trim

Fabrication and installation of custom profile wood and composition moldings. Made promptly of any wood species or cut, with profiles custom ground in our shop, for rapid turnaround. Cornice shown is 5' high, with built in wood gutter........... Continue



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