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Testimonials from our Clients


Some of the letters we received from our clients conveys the confidence they have in our work and our commitment to the trade.



Just got back and finished looking at the items when I emailed you (terrible/long week). I will call to review how delighted I am with the quality/attention to detail with what I have to call true conservation/restoration of the items. It is as if we purchased the MIM chairs/Bega desk in the 60s, encased them in some sort of plastic tomb, and unwrapped them today. Your selections from the leather type to the casters were sensitive to the mission and spot-on. The wood and metal work are simply superb with beautifully executed repairs.

Mercurio Bega Furniture Restoration, Refinishing & Repair Before    Mercurio Bega Furniture Restoration, Refinishing & Repair after Picture

I am rarely this happy with work of this nature. Much appreciated, with much more material to follow (simply didn't have time to get it together for today, but when the second desk gets done we'll send more items up. We will also do our stained glass door projects for Florida. I have a couple of Borsani chairs down there for you as well.

desk drawer before Picture    desk drawer refinish completed

Modern desk    Mercurio Bega desk

Alas, my enthusiasm races ahead of our practical (and economic) readiness. We have to prepare the spaces to display/use these wonderful things as well! Thank you.





Please accept my apologies for this belated letter concerning the workmanship you performed in refinishing my desk. Frankly, this delay was due to the fact that we did not uncover the desk until this week when our move was made from our old premises.
To say I am thrilled would be putting it mildly. You and your staff are to be complimented for the very fine craftsmanship which is shown in the final result.
You may be assured that I will highly recommend you to anyone requiring this type of work.

With kind regards, I remain

Yours sincerely,



US Army Garrison Fort Hamilton, DPTMS

Öthe visitorís experience begins by passing through the magnificent doors you recreated for the museumís [ca. 1832]†main †entrance. After the original doors were lost to a misguided modernization program, we had serious doubts that anyone with the technical skills and aesthetic sensibilities needed to replace them still existed. We were wrong. As countless visitors will attest, your craftsmanship and attention to detail are outstanding. And experts aside, it is impossible to distinguish your doors from the original. We cannot thank you enough for your efforts on our behalf.

desk drawer before Picture  desk drawer before Picture

desk drawer before Picture  


Richard Cox
Director, Harbor Defense Museum


STV/Silver & Ziskind

I would like to take this opportunity to praise your company on the excellent restoration job you recently did on the facade of P.S. 1 in Staten Island. The complete reconstruction of the main facade's decorative cornice; the integral gutters, outriggers, structural and decorative brackets, soffits, fascias, and other mouldings and trim were all performed with high quality craftsmanship by skilled tradesman.
Our office was impressed that such quality work was completed in an expeditious manner considering the compressed schedule set by the School Construction Authority. I was also personally impressed with the attention to detail concerning every aspect of the work completed by both craftsman and management of the project. We continue to hear from school staff about how pleased they are with the outcome of the project.
Once again I thank you for a job well done and look forward to working with your organization in the future.


Leonard C.Sherman, R.A., NCARB
Project Architect



I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the refinishing job that was done on my office furniture. The mahogany finish you created is a perfect match. A good indication of my satisfaction is the fact that I sent an additional piece to you after seeing how great my wall unit and end table turned out.
I couldn't be more pleased with the work done by your company, and I would recommend Olek Liebzon very highly."

Very truly yours,

Stanley B. Dessen
Vice President - Taxation


Flemington, New Jersey

I never thought I would ever call our pews "beautiful" but I can't find a better word for them. You and your craftsmen should take great pride in what you have done. The quality of your workmanship is outstanding. Although I don't like to say it, I am convinced the refurbished pews are going to outlast us all. They will silently serve our congregation for many years to come but they will also serve as monuments to a group of men who take great pride in their work.
I received visits from several of your competitors and they had nothing but praise for your craftsmanship. It is a real compliment to your skills when your competitors like what you do. It goes without saying that the congregation likes it and if you need references we can provide hundreds of them.
Please continue to provide others the outstanding service you gave us and you can be assured that your business will most certainly grow and prosper.


Paul E.L.Burgoyne, Jr.


Brent M. Porter, Architect, and Associates

As the architect for extensive restoration and renovation at 106 Pierrepont Street, it is my great pleasure to report the high quality of work achieved by Olek Lejbzon and Company. The company's president, Peter Triestman, and his dedicated craftsmen conserved and restored the original exterior doors, the entrance vestibule, the vestibule's interior doors and matching woodwork. Modern hardware and electromagnetic locking devices were carefully integrated with the 5 and 1/2 inches thick doors and their old brass fittings. The craftsmen incorporated a replacement mailbox -- not envisioned in the design of the original townhouse at the close of the 1800s -- along with carefully constructed paneling and moldings to replicate the opposite of the vestibule. The result is evident of the high quality which can be achieved by woodworkers such as Olek Lejbzon.
My client who owns the building is very pleased with the completed work. Public observers including neighbors are admiring the entrance, and this project illustrates how successful restoration/renovation in historic districts can be.


Brent M. Porter



I would like to thank you for the excellent work you did restoring my furniture. Both the credenza and the dresser were in need of repair and in fact the dresser was very badly damaged. The leg on the dresser was in pieces and now not a mark is visible on it. The drawers move smoothly and all of the fixtures are in excellent condition. The color and texture of the finish is exquisite.
Both pieces hold a great deal of meaning for me and to have them back in excellent condition was very important. I want to personally thank you for both the care with which you restored the pieces and for your consideration and kindness. You are a very special person. I would highly recommend your work to anyone.


Karen Ann Scappaticci
Associate Director - Group Leader
New Drug Development



...Your craftsmanship at Lincoln Center has been known to us for some time so when this table in terrible condition came my way, my first thought was to call on you for help in having it refinished. Since this was a table that I had grown up with, I had sentimental reasons for wanting an excellent job. Your work exceeded my highest hopes, both in terms of your technical skills and the appreciation you showed for the wood itself.

I am deeply grateful.

Best personal regards,

Patrick B. McGinnis
Director of Operations


IBJ Schroder

Thank you for the wonderful work you did on our table and chairs. I am totally amazed at what you were able to do with the table.
When you picked up the table from us, it looked like an antique -- gray and weathered. Today, it looks more like a work of art. The wood, which we could not even see before, is beautiful.
It is so rare that one finds a true artist like yourself. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to have you give new life to a fine piece of furniture."


Michael Schozer
Vice President

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