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We create original sculptures for artists in wood, metals, fiberglass, glass, and plastic. We fabricate using a range of techniques including hand carving, sand or lost wax casting, welding including TIG and MIG, forging by our blacksmith, repousse, riveting, stamping or punching, and machining on lathes or milling machines. If you can dream it, we can fabricate it and turn it into reality. Sophisticated engineering skills are applied for large scale sculptures, incorporating armatures for support. We also patinate metal sculptures to match any desired patina. Our artists are intimately familiar with the full range of chemicals to attain any patina desired. Any finish is possible, from polyester to French Polish, gilding, or oil and wax, or mirror polished metal. Contact us with your designs and requirements, and we will assist in design and engineering, fabricate and finish your sculptures promptly and efficiently.

Sculpture For Campbells' Loft


Campbells Loft Loveseat Campbells Loft Loveseat

Loveseat of Walnut, French Polished finish

We have created framing and tufted upholstery for the pilot's seat for this artwork by a prominent artist, displayed in the Hague GEM Museum of Contemporary Art for his installation of a B-29 Bomber. Several editions of the seating were created, as seen below. We designed the seating system to accommodate the Victorian and Modern-inspired upholstery for these chairs, in an unconventional metal platform.


Can Opener of Walnut, unfinished


Campbells Can Opener Campbells Can Opener

Campbells Can Opener

Carving a Twisted Rope- Video

Click here to see the video

Toilet- Wood, in high gloss polyurethane, hand carved.


Campbells Loft Toilet Campbells Loft Toilet


Spoon-8' Long, Wooden with Glossy Polyurethane finish


Campbells Loft Spoon


Pipe Wrench - 2 meters h. Carved, and completely functional. Shellac & wax finish


Campbells Loft Pipe Wrench

Campbells Loft Bean Bags

8' Bean Bags made from 30' American Flag