Ornamental molded plaster ceilings and moldings were popular in many of the better homes during many periods of architecture, ending around the 1920's. Many of these buildings require restoration of the plaster elements today. The plaster deteriorates from settlement of the buildings, often from water damage, and from weakening of burlap fabric often used to reinforce the plaster. After 80 or so years, the burlap is very weak and largely useless to reinforce the ceilings. The plaster in older homes was "keyed" on a wood lathe, and later a metal mesh termed " "metal lath. Olek restores ornamental molded plaster ceilings and moldings. We also decoratively paint the plaster if called for, both figural designs as well as stenciled patterns.


Decorative plaster ceilings are restored by taking molds of existing elements, or carving replicas if no existing elements remain, and then making molds. Many castings are made, and adhered to the ceilings or moldings. Straight plaster moldings may be run using a knife or template, in place.


Below are examples of work we have done.


Sara Delano Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Townhouses in NYC- now Hunter College


Original Living Room Composition & Wood Cornice below, Lamb's Tongue over Greek Key over Molded Dentils, with wood moldings between.


Utilities had to be run inside a soffit, destroying some of the cornice. Olek replicated cornice of wood moldings and composition moldings, cast from the original, as well as soffit molded paneling.


Upper molding of cornice- "Lamb's Tongue"


Second tier of cornice molding- "Greek Key"


The lower dentils are wood. The restored cornice is shown below.


New Jersey City University's Margaret Williams Theater Renovation , Plaster Ceiling and Beams repaired and painted by Olek


Poor maintenance of the roof led to extensive water damage of the stencil painted plaster ceiling, decorative brackets and beams.


Poor maintenance of the roof led to extensive water damage of the stencil painted plaster ceiling, decorative brackets and beams.


The stage proscenium was damaged by use, the base appears to the left before repairs, and to the right after.


Huntington Hartford lived in a house that has since become the Preston School for Girls in Bronx, NY. The ca. 1850


wood frame house suffered from settlement and leaks, that caused the partial collapse of an ornate Dining Room Molded Plaster Ceiling.


Silicone molds are taken of the 16' high ceilings molded plaster details where still existing, and used to recreate the missing elements.


The restored ceiling is painted.


The restored ceiling is painted.



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 Composition Ornament from 1920's house                             



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