Lockset components wear out. They require patience to clean of decades of old dried out and caked on grease, rust, usually replacement of springs, and replacement of components by machining or casting new bronze elements. Even the latches wear down and may need rebuilding, as below.


Worn out half-lapped lockset

Restored half-lapped lockset

Lockset Latch clad and machined to compensate for wear, bolt similarly repaired to lengthen and enlarge around margins, and half-lapped bronze lockset strike plate repaired by building up with bronze by tungsten inert gas welding. Worn internal Lockset components replicated with Lathe, Machining, and Forging.


Locksets as removed, from 1875 doors

Lockset internal mechanism, Victorian period

Rust and old grease are removed first, after disassembly of the components.


Lockset internal mechanism, Victorian period

All Locksets from Solarium doors

Lockset Parts Disassembly

Lockset components cleaned, rust and grime removed

Tag: Restored Victorian Period Locksets

Cleaned and lubricated locksets with components replaced as needed, will last another century, and certainly outlast most contemporary locksets. These locksets were made in 1875.


Locksets restored, ca. 1875


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