Wought Iron Door Restoration

Iron Door

Design and furnish iron doors for residential apartment buildings and homes.  Various styles, including medieval, Gothic, French, Art Deco, neoclassical, rustic, and more.  ISO 9001 certified manufacture available, with 1" insulated ballistic rated glazing.  Installation by Olek craftsmen with heavy duty Rixson floor closers or other hinges..................... Continue

Bronze Door Fabrication

Bronze Doors

Design, fabrication, and installation of custom and monumental bronze doors and gates. Restoration and preservation of existing doors and gates. Repair and refinishing including matching or replicating an historic patina, for Churches, residential, government and other owners. Rebuilding hardware to restore functionality of hinges and locksets..................... Continue

Metal Furniture Restoration

Metal Restoration

Restoration of metal furniture, decorative objects, architectural ornaments, gates and doors.  This and more than 120 other destination track indicators,  cabinets and gates were restored at Grand Central Station.................... Continue

Wought Iron Bonze Casting

Custom Iron & Bronze Castings

Design, model making, casting, finishing and installation of ornamental iron and bronze elements as components of doors and gates, furniture, or architectural metals.  Precise models made by Olek's carvers, to specified dimensions. Designs can be new, or to match original period castings, including door handles and door pulls,  locksets, sash locks and sash pulls, finials, and ornaments.  Finishes can include Chemical patination, gold, nickel, and other electro-plated metals, epoxy, Kynar, and other paints.  Casting techniques include sand casting and lost wax for precision components, and commonly include brass, iron, nickel, aluminum, gold or silver...................... Continue


Door Hardware Restoration

Door Hardware Restoration

Door hardware is crucial for antique wrought iron, bronze or monumental doors to be functional, and not suffer further damage from worn out hardware parts. Locksets and parts made today are often not compatible with doors made a century or more ago, and simple lockset parts can cause the loss of use of a door and force replacement of the entire door. We restore old locksets and ornamental hinges to their original condition, to make them serviceable for the future. Our machine shop, casting and blacksmith forging services will restore all of the components found in any old or antique lock, no matter what condition they are in, no matter the size, from small entry doors, to fortress doors weighing well over 2,000 lbs., even bank vault doors..................... Continue


Custom Hardware Restoration

Custom Hardware

Custom hardware restoration and fabrication is possible, of any design.  This replica strap hinge fabricated by Olek belongs to Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, NY,  built in 1833.  The strap hinges are 1" thick x 4" high x 48" long, with pins in the knuckles that are 2 1/2" thick, with a 6" diameter hinge barrel.  Designed to the latest military standards of the time, to withstand tree trunk battering rams, run into the doors by a dozen soldiers.  We can handle the hardware design and fabrication requirements for your castle too...................... Continue

Iron, Steel Window Restoration

Iron & Steel Windows

Olek fabricates, finishes and installs iron and steel windows. Commonly made around the time of World War I when the Tudor style was popular, until the 1930's and even into the 1950's in apartment buildings, most of these windows are in need of restoration, repair or replacement today. There is a resurgence of the style in loft buildings being restored, and new loft-style buildings being constructed today..................... Continue



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