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Carved Furniture And Wood Sculpture Restoration

Custom furniture and architectural woodwork, designed and carved to match any carver's hand or style, from Medieval, to flamboyant Baroque, or restrained Renaissance, or Modern. We match period style, even the hand of an individual carver. All carving is done by hand, by our prolific, exceptional craftsmen. We can carve to match existing furniture, or create unique furniture or sculptures for you. We also design, and create shop drawings for approval prior to carving.


Church pew end replacement, matching ca. 1905 Pews


Initial carving of solid oak blank

Sketch made prior to carving to layout work

replacement, matching ca. 1905 Pews replacement, matching ca. 1905 Pews

Roughing in of cherub face

The pew end was part of a 1905 Church and had typical Neoclassical details for the period. Grapes, anthemion leaves, Scrolls, Bellflowers, and the Putto face with wings were all part of the design.


Even the eyes, and lips were perfectly replicated.




As the Great Hall appeared in 1905


All millwork new to replace original photo. Screen with 2 Double Doors, 6" thick quartered solid white oak


Reception desk and A/V closet added to original design, all new millwork


Solid quartered white oak throughout Great Hall walls- new paneling throughout

Solid quartered white oak throughout, machine and hand-carved

Great Hall walls- new paneling throughout

Ornate neo-Gothic design included crockets, quatrefoils, trefoils, roses, arches, and other complex hand-carved shapes. Photographed eight years post-completion.