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Commercial Services- are all about reliability, durability, and value.  In business since 1950, we work in your premises when you need us to- nights, weekends, emergency service. We maintain your premises so they convey your image- without downtime.  We will recommend solutions so your furniture is taken care of properly, the first time.   When we promise to refinish or restore furniture or woodwork in your office, you will receive superb, timely service at a fair price. Olek's craftsmen that restore your offices, are the same that restore antique furniture centuries old.  Finer craftsmen are not found anywhere.  Olek has been named "Best of New York" repeatedly by New York magazine.  We work at the level you need- doing quick touch-ups and polishing, or the finest finishes you will ever see.  Investment or commercial banks, hedge funds, law firms, Fortune 100 executive headquarters, these are among our steady clients that rely on us for decades of unwavering fine service.  The Facility Managers and Office Managers that have Olek maintaining their premises sleep well at night, and enjoy their weekends, without worries or fear about sensitive executive areas being handled above expectations.


Commercial Furniture Restoration

Commerical Furniture Refinishing & Restoration

Refinishing and Restoration of Commercial Furniture and Architectural Woodwork, on-site or in our shop.  We work in your office on the full range of refinishing or restoration, from French polishing, to refinishing of Board Room tables or desks, over a weekend- in place.  Or in our shop. We work with all types of finishes, from the most durable polyester or polyurethanes, to fine French polishing..................Continue

Commercial Furniture Reupholstery


We Reupholster  all types of furniture, modern and vintage, the gamut from auditorium seating to executive suites to cafeteria banquettes and seating.  We work with fabric, leather, and vinyl, and do the highest quality work, from saddle stitching to hand-sewn, replacement of modern closed-cell molded padding, done right the first time.  Our upholsterers are familiar with all types of furniture, and have been handling modern furniture since the 1950's. Call us to survey your needs and give you the competitive proposal you need...........Continue

Furniture Repair


Our European craftsmen do repairs that are often unimaginable- we often  receive accolades from our clients, telling us they couldn't imagine the repairs being so perfect.  Being called at 4:30 in the afternoon, to repair a 6" hole in a curved cherry desk panel, done by 4:30 in the morning- and the partner having no idea it was damaged when he arrives at 6:00am- this is what keeps you looking good!  Dutchman inlays are surprisingly affordable, and permanent.  We stock thousands of square feet of exotic  and the usual veneers, so you will have great difficulty finding our repairs.  You will never find us using fillers where they won't last.  Even  Executives cherished swivel chairs- we do what it takes to repair the mechanisms in our metal machine shop- to keep them comfortable and focused on work.  Durabilty and long-term economy are part of our core values.   ................Continue


Furniture Touch-up

Touch-Ups & Refurbishing

Olek's touch-up artists are exactly that- with 5 years training in European fine arts colleges, learning to imitate the masters, brush stroke by brush stroke.  You won't find better artisans to touch up your difficult woodwork- anigre, walnut, teak, cherry, mahogany, quartered white oak.  Olek's   artists' mix colors so precisely, that  whatever our cabinetmakers can't completely conceal with artful Dutchman inlays, our artists do make disappear.  We handle large scale touch-ups, or small, from single offices to executive suites, to middle management offices of 100,000's sf or more................Continue

furniture Cleaning and Speciality

Cleaning-Furniture & Specialty

Cleaning and polishing of woodwork and upholstered furniture, or decorative objects is done by our skilled craftsmen, that are devoted to fine workmanship.  Our projects vary from cleaning a NYC Public School's  auditorium seating, turning the filthy maroon color seating into its original bright red on a competitively bid budget, to cleaning the upside down Sirshasana "Tree of Life" Sculpture in the Grand Central Market, with thousands of crystals  20'-35' high, overnight.  The market closed at 9pm with dark, dirty crystals with an oil film from train brake dust, and reopened with bright, clean crystals 12 hours later................Continue



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