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Office Furniture Repairs

Office restoration and repairs of furniture and architectural woodwork requires immediate response, and reliable results. Olek also offers superb results, every time, for the worst damages. If you can see what we have repaired, it has not been done satisfactorily. Whether it is a fancy veneered door, or fine mahogany or anigre architectural woodwork, when a cart or vacuum takes off a corner, our European craftsmen dispatch the damages with Dutchman inlays, and our artists make it invisible. Our craftsmen are generally repairing antique furniture hundreds of years old. Anything that happens in a modern commercial facility is simple by comparision. Commercial facility managers are getting the best craftspeople there are, for routine or extraordinary repair needs, at a competitive price.


Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay

Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay

Whatever the need, we will take care of the repairs promptly. We have fully restored a 20,000 sq. ft. Fortune 100 executive headquarters in a matter of weeks, all at night and on weekends after asbestos abatement caused severe damages to decorative and wood veneer finishes, without disturbing daily operations and use. Olek has dispatched top level craftsmen to repair a senior executives' custom desk at a top investment bank when a curved modesty panel suffered a 6" diameter hole during a "routine" move. The Facility Manager called us at 4:30pm, beside herself that the top executive not see the damage when he arrived at 6:30am. Our craftsmen spent the whole night fabricating a caul, and relaminating the curved plywood, staining and finishing it to match. It was the only repair they needed, the executive never knew his desk was damaged. We finished our work at 4:45am.


Executive Swivel Chair Repair

Executive Chair Plastic Bushings of the base wear out and chair  sways Swivel chair repaired by turning a new bronze bushing on a lathe

Plastic for moving parts don't last as long as an executive's favorite chair might, causing the chair to be unstable
Our machinist turns new bronze bushings on a lathe for the chair post precisely, for a permanent repair

Swivel chair permanently repaired with a bronze bushing Chairs prior to repair and reupholstery

The post is set securely in the swivel chair base
Chairs prior to repair and reupholstery

To see how the chairs look after reupholstery, see our page:


Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay

Photo portfolio of work, 6 years after restoration and installation by Olek:

Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay

This Newark, NJ Courthouse was starved of funds, and did no maintenance of furniture for almost a century. It suffered innumerable carvings of shackled prisoners idle hands, and required complete rebuilding, of miles of benches, and over 400 chairs.


Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay
Conference tables severely abused, were repaired and refinished. Innumerable Dutchman inlays

Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay

Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay

This conference table had been covered with linoleum, after being scored by a maintenance mans' box cutter, to improve the adhesion of the glue. Painstakingly removed, and original veneer restored.

Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay

Condition of 450 chairs was deplorable, required complete frame rebuilding, replacement of many broken elements.



Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay Panel Wood Restaration Dutchman Inlay

Honduran Mahogany
A durable, lasting repair and restoration

Desk before restoration desk after restoration

NJ Courthouse desk prior to restoration
NJ Courthouse desk after restoration.

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