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Metal Fabricator- Custom fabrication of architectural, structural and ornamental metal for commercial, residential, furniture, and lighting clients

Industrial Style Steel Windows and Doors 16 feet high for Norfolk Virginia Art Gallery.


Olek is a metal fabricator in steel and stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, bronze and brass, nickel silver, copper and other metals. Using a variety of techniques Olek has been doing custom fabrication for clients ranging from Grand Central Station, to the United Nations. Specialties of the company include historic preservation or restoration, high end commercial storefronts, historic and modern lighting and ornamental facades, railings, balconies, entry doors, windows, ornamental signage, restaurant and commercial furniture, specialty hardware, and prototyping. We fabricate from thin sheet metal to 1" or greater thicknesses, and have NYS or DOT licensed welder certifications necessary for structural projects.


TIG, MIG, plasma and laser cutting, structural bending, precision machining , milling, forging, stamping, punching and casting using lost wax or sand casting are some of our techniques used to make exactly what you need. Heat treating of metals also available, to properly harden components as needed.


Our 25,000 sq. ft. facilities with 35" ceilings 5 miles from NYC can handle small to larger projects efficiently. We will handle your installation work in NYC, the NY metropolitan tri-state region, East coast, South or mid-West.


Finishing is done in house, using paints, lacquers or varnishes, and also more demanding finishes including chemical, and bronze patination, and passivated finishes. Electroplate finishing in nickel, chrome, copper, gold, zinc chromate, or hot dip galvanizing may be done, in a finish thickness as required for your project. We have done nickel plating over copper thicker than 1500 microns for durable exterior use, in compliance with MIL- specs.


Specialty glazing is also done as part of our fabrication, of single and double pane insulated glass. We take responsibility for complete scope of work, eliminating finger pointing later by subcontractors for complaints like improper fit, or rough welds damaging glass.


Please inquire with your needs, and we will respond promptly. We look forward to assisting with your projects.


Part of a 16" high storefront, with two 10" casement sash windows being fabricated (shown above)


Handling glazing in-house can take a major headache from builders, as fabricators often refuse such work. Inadequately ground or improper weld placement or dressing can impede and damage glazing, or affect the integrity of metal windows. We take responsibility for the finished product, as you need it. We furnish impeccable references upon request. Design and engineering services are also available.


Custom hinges for windows or doors made to your design. These are for factory style casement windows or doors.


Frame fabrication using MIG welding technique produces sound joints, for maximum strength and efficient production.


Finishing of welds important for a seamless appearance.


Custom table base fabrication for the United Nations General Assembly replicated tables made in the 1950"s.


Detail shows heavy duty furniture construction detail with cutouts for wire chases