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MACHINE SHOP SERVICES- Milling, Lathing, Stamping & Pressing, Tool & Die Development, Surface Grinding, Heat Treating

Olek performs machining and machine shop services to custom fabricate parts for various industries and needs. We work for historic building preservation of hardware, hinges, locksets, building structural supports, vintage furniture, vehicles including sports and vintage cars, pharmaceutical, chemical, construction equipment, packaging machinery, food processing, trucking, converting, factory equipment and plant maintenance. We can perform short runs, and make prototypes for product development.


Our services include:                                       The operations we support include:


  • •  Fabrication to Blueprint                            • Lathe & Turning

  • •  Prototype development                            •  Punching, Stamping, Blanking, Piercing

  • •  Shop Drawings and CAD design                 •  boring, broaching, reaming

  • •  Reverse Engineering                               •  Tapping

  • •  Hardness testing                                    •  Sawing

  •                                                                •  Milling and Slitting, many stock profiles

  •                                                                •  planing, surface grinding

  •                                                                •  Heat treatment, tempering and annealing

Stamping, Pressing

Stamping and pressing produces high manufacturing rates of output compared to most methods of production. Olek designs and fabricates custom tooling and dies for stamping operations to produce custom parts. Shown below is a custom die for fabricating faceplates for sash pulleys. The dies are tempered and annealed to attain the desired hardness. Olek uses OBI presses up to 28 tons to produce small parts. Larger dies and tooling are produced for use on other presses as well. Olek presses or stamps parts in steel, brass, bronze, and plastics for modern furniture, hardware, and other uses.


Dies made of D2 steel


Stamping faceplates for sash pulleys

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Fabrication of Door Knob Escutcheons is a hand-formed process to rough in the shape, drilling and sawing to start, from bar stock.


Replicated thumbturn escutcheon for turn of century hardware.


Solarium Escutcheons, for mounting of Door Knobs and lever handles, after hand shaping, reaming, and soldering in of flat profile, to match original size. Face side above, back side below. Still to be polished. The silver soldering line in the upper escutcheon can be faintly seen under magnification.


Dummy Spindles after hand-tapping of threads for door knobs & lever handles. Long spindles over 2 1/4" to 4" or more


Restored locksets function like new, with custom machined spindles matching originals, for these solid bronze doors, ca. 1875.



Our Lathe work is done on a geared engine lathe and can accommodate metals or plastic up to 15" diam. x 24" long. We produce metric and English screw threading, using a Sheldon Lathe with automatic cross slide feed, and maximum speed of 2000 r.p.m.


Lathe Turning of Split Spindles for oversized locksets.



Milling machines remove metal for flat or contoured surfaces, depending on the tooling used. Iron, steel, bronze, brass, and aluminum are commonly used, as well as composite plastics or other materials.


Milling is done with Cincinnati Milacron Vertical Milling Machine with NMTB 40 quill, and Sheldon Horizontal Slitter Milling Machine for custom moldings or standard profiles. Stock up to 8" wide may be accommodated in flat or angled orientation.


Custom horizontally milled bronze architectural molding, to match original profile, prior to secondary machining, polishing and patination.


Chemical patination of the new milled molding to match the original to follow.


Cincinnati Milacron Vertical Milling Machine with 42" horizontal travel.


Resurfacing of an antique Peter Wright Anvil by milling.


Final surfacing prior to sanding.


Surface Grinding

Automatic surface grinding is done with the work piece held in a magnetic vice. Precision flat ground stock is produced, prior to other machining operations if needed.


Grinding stock to size on automatic suface grinder