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  • Modern Furniture Restoration

  •                Modern Furniture Repair      
                   Modern Furniture Reupholstery
                   Modern Furniture Refinishing
                   Eames Lounge Repair
                   Reupholstery Eames Chair
                   DCM, DCW, LCW Repair

  • Antique Furniture Conservation

  •                Antique Repair
                   French Polishing
                   Decorative Finishes-Gilding, Lacquer
                   Oil Paint Conservation
                   Caning & Rush
                   Milk Paint

  • Furniture Restoration

  •                Refinishing & Restoration
                   Antique Conservation
                   Chair Repair

  • Office Restoration

  •                Office Refinishing
                   Contract Reupholstery
                   Office Furniture Repair
                   Touch-Ups & Refurbishing
                   Office Furniture Cleaning

  • Restoration & Preservation

  •                Refinishing & Restoration
                   Woodwork Restoration
                   Wood Windows
                   Wood Doors
                   Wood Flooring
                   Wood Framing, Siding, Roofing
                   Decorative Finishes
                   Ornamental Plaster Restoration
                   Leaded Glass

  • Cabinets & Woodwork

  •                Modern Office
                   Church/College Replicated
                   Church and Library Millwork
                   Traditional Office
                   Restaurant/Kitchen, Framing, Roof
                   Residential Exterior
                   Residential Interior
                   Wood Windows
                   Wood Doors
                   Molding & Trim

  • Custom Furniture

  •                Sofas, Chairs, Tables
                   Carved Furniture
                   Chairs & Tables
                   Humidor, Jewelry Case
                   Machine Age / Slab Tables
                   Furniture Replication & Carving

  • Sculpture & Carving

  •                Original Design
                   Commissioned Sculpture
                   Hand Carved Replication

  • Iron Door & Ornamental Metal

  •                Wrought Iron Door
                   Bronze Doors
                   Blacksmith Wrought Iron
                   Iron & Bronze Casting
                   Welding- TIG, MIG
                   Metal Fabricator
                   Machine Shop
                   Hardware Restoration
                   Lockset Hardware Restoration
                   Custom Hardware
                   Iron & Steel Windows

  • Modern Furniture Parts

  •                AFCO Weatherstrip
                       Parts One

                   Bertoia Harry
                       Bertoia Bench Glide
                       Bertoia Bench Tap on Glide
                       Bertoia Side Chair Tap on Glide
                       Bertoia Barstool Glide
                       Bertoia Side Chair Glide

                   Breuer Marcel
                       Marcel Breuer Cesca Side or Arm Chair Glide
                   Eames Chair
                       670 Base Screw
                       670 Eames Chair Arms Screws (Set of 4)
                       Back Panel Bracket
                       Bronze Bushing
                       Eames Back Bracket Screws (Set of 4)
                       Eames Glide Replicate (Set of 5)
                       Eames Lounge Chair or Ottoman Upholstered Seat Cushion
                       eames lounge cushion hook
                       Eames Lounge Seat or Ottoman Back for Cushion, plastic With Zip
                       Eames Screws for Lounge Chairs
                       Newer 670 Base Screw (Set of 4)
                       Newer 670 Cushion Clip

                   Knoll Florence
                       Knoll Bench Glide
                   Le Corbusier Pierre Jeanneret
                       Leather back replacement for LC1 chair - unfinished
                       Leather seat replacement for LC1 chair - unfinished
                   Maran Marco
                       Gigi Stacking Chair Glide (Set of 4)

                   Pensi Jorge
                       Toledo Stacking Chair Glide
                   Saarinen Eero
                       Saarinen Womb Chair Glides
                       Sarrinen Executive Chair Glides (Set of 4)

                   Sash Chain Anchor
                       Wood Window Parts Sash Chain Anchor Clip replacements


  • Galleries

  •                Gallery 1 - Historical Lighting Restoration of Exterior and Interior Sconces, Chandeliers, and Torchieres
                   Gallery 2 - Antique Church Door Restoration- Christian Science and First Church Christ, Scientist, NYC
                   Gallery 3 - Church Furniture, Gothic Pulpit Restoration, Unitarian Church, NYC
                   Gallery 4 - Antique Chair Restoration
                   Gallery 5 - Conference Table Restoration & Refinishing, Colgate Palmolive Exec. Hdqtrs, NYC
                   Gallery 6 - Baroque Italian Period Carved Tester 4 Post Bed Restoration
                   Gallery 7 - Gothic Period Cabinet Conservation and Waxing
                   Gallery 8 - Italian Directoire Period Marquetry Chest French Repair and French Polished
                   Gallery 9 - Steinway Grand Piano Refinished by French Polishing
                   Gallery 10 - Custom Furniture Fabrication for NY Yacht Club, Tables and Chairs
                   Gallery 11 - Carved 11th Century Persian Temple Door Carving Repairs
                   Gallery 12 - Historic Pew Restoration, Presbyterian Church, 921 Madison Ave., NYC
                   Gallery 13 - Nickel Silver Windows and Doors Restored for Board Room
                   Gallery 14 - Dutch Rococo Period Walnut Linen Press Conservation Restoration
                   Gallery 15 - Rococo Period Polychrome Leather Screen Oil Paint Conservation
                   Gallery 16 - Victorian Period Pump Organ Restoration, Raymond & Whittier, ca. 1874
                   Gallery 17 - Carving Restoration, Vanderbilt family Bar, Horse Theme
                   Gallery 18 - Iron Doors and Grilles Replacement for Fifth Ave. NYC Landmark Building
                   Gallery 19 - Restaurant Cafe Doors Fabrication, Mortise and Tenon, NYC
                   Gallery 20 - Victorian Period Ornate Raised Panel Door Preservation Refinishing, Brooklyn, NYC
                   Gallery 21 - Historic Casement Windows and Leaded Glass Restoration for Lehman Bros. Building, NYC
                   Gallery 22 - Baruch College CUNY Woodwork Restoration, Historic English Oak Room
                   Gallery 23 - Massive Solid Mahogany Custom Doors for Restaurant, Landmark Building
                   Gallery 24 - Hardware and Plumbing Fixture Restoration for Nat'l Register Bldg, former Vanderbilt Home
                   Gallery 25 - Custom Millwork Woodwork for Restaurant in Rockefeller Center, NYC
                   Gallery 26 - Wood Paneling Restoration, former Prince George Hotel, NYC National Register Landmark
                   Gallery 27 - Boardroom Conference Table Refinishing by French Polishing, Investment Bank, Rockefeller Center, NYC
                   Gallery 28 - NJ State Capitol Annex Furniture Restoration
                   Gallery 29 - Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum, Door Preservation Landmark Building, NYC
                   Gallery 30 - Ornamental Metal and Woodwork Restoration, Grand Central Station, NYC
                   Gallery 31 - Ornamental Metal Signage Restoration, Hutchinson Indicators, Grand Central Station
                   Gallery 32 - Wood Gutter and Ornate Wood Cornice Repair for Victorian NYC School, P.S. 1
                   Gallery 33 - Victorian Chapel Restoration, Columbia College, Custom Millwork, Ornamental Plaster, Decorative Finishing
                   Gallery 34 - Custom Gothic Mortise and Tenon Doors, Ornamental Plaster & Decorative Finish, NJ College
                   Gallery 35 - US Army Fort Custom Door and Restoration, ca. 1833, Ft. Hamilton
                   Gallery 37 - Hewn Wood Framing and Building Preservation, Fosterfield's Carriage House
                   Gallery 38 - Church Pew Restoration, Repair, Rebuilding for Eastlake Gothic Landmark
                   Gallery 39 - Restaurant Build Out, with Salvaged Woodwork, Flooring Doors- Jules' Bistro
                   Gallery 40 - Woodwork Restoration and Refinishing for NYC Landmark University Club
                   Gallery 41 - Traditional Custom House Construction, Woodwork, Windows, Stairs, Doors, Roofing, Fireplaces
                   Gallery 42 - Decorative Faux Finish Restoration of Italianate mansion, Empire Period Furniture, Princeton College
                   Gallery 43 - Custom Iron Door Fabrication for Park Ave. Building, NYC
                   Gallery 44 - Queen Anne Period Sofa Frame and Upholstery Conservation Restoration, ca. 1720-
                   Gallery 45 - Casement Window Restoration for Upper W. Side Brownstone, NYC
                   Gallery 46 - Prince George Floor Ballroom
                   Gallery 47 - Modern Furniture Reupholstery- Pierre Paulin Ribbon Chair, Hand-Sewn
                   Gallery 48 - Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair Reupholstered in Leather, Hand-Sewn
                   Gallery 50 - Victorian Door Preservation
                   Gallery 51 - Custom Window Fabrication-NYC
                   Gallery 52 - George I Period Chair
                   Gallery 53 - Louis xv Period Fauteuil Armchair
                   Gallery 54 - Hagedorn Victorian Bookcase Cabinet
                   Gallery 55 - Brownstone Door Preservation
                   Gallery 56 - Daniel Restaurant db Moderne-NYC
                   Gallery 57 - Reupholstery db Moderne
                   Gallery 58 - Faux Finish Ceramic Tile Repair
                   Gallery 59 - 17th Century Italian Chest Drawers
                   Gallery 60 - French Polishing Princenton College
                   Gallery 61 - Restoration Refinishing Conference Table
                   Gallery 62 - Chair Repaired Clearfield
                   Gallery 63 - President Wilson Office
                   Gallery 65 - Repair Clearfield
                   Gallery 66 - Herman Miller Eames Rosewood Conference Table
                   Gallery 67 - Pastille Chair Fiberglass Refinishing
                   Gallery 68 - Zebra Printed Cow Hide Chairs
                   Gallery 69 - Finn Juhl Mid Rebuild Frames
                   Gallery 70 - Massive Indonesian Table Top Rebuilding
                   Gallery 71 - Herman Miller Eames Sofa
                   Gallery 72 - Mid Century Modern Armchair
                   Gallery 73 - Princeton College Prospect House
                   Gallery 74 - Carved Oak Door Refinishing
                   Gallery 75 - Composition Ornament 1920s House-NYC
                   Gallery 76 - Hispanic Society Museum
                   Gallery 77 - Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
                   Gallery 78 - Henry Miller Theater
                   Gallery 80 - Sculpture Carving Replication Movie
                   Gallery 83 - Decorative Finishing-NYC
                   Gallery 84 - Decorative Finishing Reupholstery-NYC
                   Gallery 85 - Decorative Finishing Wood
                   Gallery 86 - Decorative Finishing Table
                   Gallery 87 - Decorative Finishing Chair
                   Gallery 88 - Johannes Hansen Restoration
                   Gallery 89 - JL Moller Models
                   Gallery 90 - Sean Kelly PK22
                   Gallery 91 - Danish Brazilian Rosewood Palisander Chairs
                   Gallery 93 - 67th St Iron Doors
                   Gallery 94 - American Continental Properties steel doors
                   Gallery 96 - San Remo Apartments
                   Gallery 97 - Bank of England Chairs
                   Gallery 98 - American Queen Anne Chinoiserie Desk
                   Gallery 99 - 1920 Elevator Cab Interior
                   Gallery 100 - Making Of Spring
                   Gallery 101 - Sunball Easy Chair
                   Gallery 102 - FDR And Sara Townhouse
                   Gallery 103 - George III Period Sideboard
                   Gallery 104 - Zoe Coombes Sculpture Repaired
                   Gallery 105 - Buddha Sculpture Restoration
                   Gallery 106 - Plaster Scuplture Repair
                   Gallery 107 - Ornamental Plaster Restoration
                   Gallery 108 - Mod Restoration Upholstery By Olek

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