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Olek custom fabricates wood molding and millwork in historic profiles for Landmark Buildings. Shaper knives are cut in our shop to precisely match original, or new designs needed. Our projects have required as many as 100 sets of shaper knives for a single residence designed by Mc Kim, Mead, White. Moldings are commonly built up with many components, including cast composition of a floral motif such as anthemion or laurel leaves, egg-and-dart, or other motif. Single built up moldings have ranged to 3' high by almost 2' wide. We can make small quantities of moldings, or miles of them, per your requirements.

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A 13 piece composition moulding with molded wood, lathe-turned wood, and two types of composition cast mouldings to match existing.


Composition moldings Composition moldings SIDE

Composition mouldings above, lathe-turned wood moldings below, all part ot the 13 piece molding above.


100' of cornice mouldings and 45' of soffit trim was needed, to reconfigure paneling of one side of the room, and to add a structural support around the center. A cornice matching the existing ornate cornice was needed to splice seamlessly into the original, to clad the new soffit trim, and wall. The sequence of the work was shown below.


Structural supports required removal and modification of the paneling for the Conference Room in the parlor floor of FDR and Sara Delano Roosevelt's townhouses at 45-47 E. 65th St.


All original paneling removed, new HVAC ducts and blocking installed prior to installation of restored paneling, cornice and base moldings.


New soffit trim was fabricated and mocked up in our shop, replicating the existing pilaster design throughout the room. New paneling is seen behind the 12' h x 20' wide soffit trim. Below is shown the completed new trim with cornice wrapped around it on both sides of the room.


Newly restored and reconfigured paneling installed with matching ornate cornice in this 11' high room now used by CUNY-Hunter College.


The north elevation of the room with new cornice and restored original elements.


Detail of the cornice where spliced into the old, and at the cornice intersection, with leaf motif at the lambs tongue junction, matching other corners in the room.


After priming, and touch up of the cornice composition. All panels made of solid lumber, with cross-molded panel raises.


This is the Library of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd president of the US., prior to dropping of the ceiling to accommodate HVAC installation, and reconfiguration of the original windows and trim. Objective was to add structural support with a new steel beam at the center of the room, and HVAC and conceal it with newly made paneling on the walls below, with the same proportions and appearance to the original Library.


FDR's Study needed similar structural support and cladding across the center of the ceiling as the white paneled room on the floor above. A yellow birch soffit was clad around the underlying steel


And then the soffit trim was clad with new cornice to match the profiles, wood species, color, dye and stain patination, and copal varnish finish type of the rest of the existing paneling and trim.


Original trim, refinished.


A 2 piece wood molding rests on composition elements below, also for FDR and Sara Delano Roosevelt's home




Fabrication of delicate, slender stair spindle or baluster, to precisely match the original Edwardian period spindle shown in the cetner of the two replicas turned in our shop, ca. 1895. Over the years, stair spindles were broken and parts lost in the house. In this video it is shown how to layout the lathe turning work at the inflection points, measure work progress using a micrometer or caliper, and make difficult cuts in a white oak spindle, that machine turning cannot do. The spindle shown is very slender and long, requiring the use of a shop fabricated steady rest, or lathe center.


Built-in Gutter & Cornice with Modillion Brackets for P.S.1, Staten Island NY

Client- York Hunter, for NYC School Construction Authority

We build moldings for interior and exterior use, of wood appropriate for the task. The wood must be naturally rot resistant for outdoor use, and we often advise clients to modify specifications that may call for wood that may not be up to the task. For instance Eastern White Pine today is only moderately to non-resistant to rot. Traditional knowledge holds that EWP was highly resistant, but that was more than half a century ago, when the world was a colder place.


Exterior cornice with built in cornice and gutter were made 1878 Landmark NYC Public School

Exterior cornice with built in cornice and gutter were made for this ca. 1878 Landmark NYC Public School, with 300' Length of cornice, over 3' high at the ends, with pierced fretwork pattern.


Over 300 modillion brackets were required around the cornice of this ca. 1875 school, designated a NYC Historic Landmark. The brackets are about 10" high x 6" wide, with moldings wrapping around each one. The entire project was built in 5 weeks, with profiles changed at the last moment to accommodate a mistake in pouring of the new concrete sill.


Fabricated (170) five element 10" high modillion brackets, corners with pierced fretwork ornamentation


Trim, Exterior Siding, all Interior and Exterior Moldings, Wainscot, Cornice and Base Fabricated and Installed for this new replica of a Dutch Gambrel Center Hall Colonial Period House


Constructed as General Contractor 10,000 sq.ft. Federal Style Dutch gambrel cedar shake roof Center Hall design residence with extensive custom millwork, 3-story staircase with continuous handrail to third floor, elliptical 2'6" radius at ends, with period style pierced fretwork stair brackets and carriage ornamentation, with modillion bracket and Greek key cornice Molding of brick fireplace surround hand-carved into ogee and arched shapes with hand chiseled ashlar and smooth keystone.



Stair rail fabrication from 3" thick mahogany

Wood stair stringer brackets


Continuous stair rails from ground to 3rd floors

Staircase installation


Bottom step with typical flare of the period, with fluted and stop fluted Newel post, with entasis taper

Finished staircase, wide board walnut floors

Ornate trim required extensive templates for arches, ellipses, and half round window geometry. Placement of the modillions brackets requires geometric calculation for the layout, so all are centered.


Exterior Balusters of solid black locust, columns of salvaged solid cedar from Victorian home. All highly rot resistant.